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Our Cheerleading Clinics

We offer various clinics to help our athletes achieve their goals faster!  Currently we are not offering any clinics, but check back often to see if we have added any dates to our calendar.


Stretch & Jump Cheerleading Clinic

Stretch & Jump clinic focus on deep stretches for the lower body and flexibility everywhere else. This clinic focuses on the proper stretches to build a stronger jump. It's a 40 minute stretch with the last 20 minutes working on jump technique.


Tumbling Cheerleading Clinics

This clinic focuses on different levels of tumbling.

Level 1 is a beginner who is learning how to tumble up to back walkover. 

Level 2 tumblers have all the Level 1 skills and are adding back handspring. 

Level 3 is the start of more complex skills such as: back tucks, aerials, and punch fronts.

Level 4 is everything in Level 3 and are adding back layouts.


Combination Cheerleading Drills Clinic

This clinic works on different drills to perform a specific tumbling skill. For example, if an athlete is performing a punch front, we use different drills to help them perform the skill better! Combination skills allow more variation for your athlete!


Cheerleading Strength & Endurance Training

Strength and endurance training is a special class we offer to keep our athletes in tip top shape. We do different exercises to build strength in shoulders, arms, core and legs. The endurance speaks for itself! Our training is hard, but well worth the hour.