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Welcome to Mystic Legacy All-Stars

At Mystiq Legacy All-Stars, we believe success isn't just about physical excellence, but also about developing well-rounded individuals. Our competitive cheerleading program provides resources and support for academic success, while mentoring, team bonding activities and philanthropic projects help build character.

Mystiq Legacy Allstars are a diverse division II competition cheer team that welcomes athletes ages 3 to 18. Our cheer season runs from early June to April/May.  Practice is usually 3-4 hours of training per week, our dedicated coaches will guide your athlete every step of the way. Plus, we understand that extracurricular activities can be expensive - which is why we offer competitive pricing and fundraising throughout the season. Come be a part of our tight-knit community.


Stretch and jump exercises to loosen muscles and build leg strength


Tumbling clinics work on somersaults, cartwheels and other individual cheerleading movements.


Combo drills start to put movements together.


Strength and endurance exercises builds muscle strength for competition.

Mystiq Legacy Allstars cheerleading competition

JOIN in the FUN

We are committed to serving all youth - including at-promise athletes
 - because every child deserves a chance to shine.

Join us in our mission of developing the next generation of leaders who are both physically fit and socially responsible!


Enjoy one of our fruit smoothies while watching the kids.

Birthday Parties

Are you looking for a space to have a special event. We are here to help please give us a call.

2,700 square feet with 4 entries and garage door. Minimal time increments start at 3 hours. Ideal for a party, class instruction, or club meeting.